Intelligent Solution, Great Savings

Smart, cloud-based Insurtech automated solution for policy checking

Driven by Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Runs through a policy document in just a few seconds

Eliminates E&O exposure by cloning manual process

Available on a pay-per-use model

Runs on highly scalable and secure Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Smart Features, Neatly Bundled

Drastic reduction of policy checking cost

Instantly processes bulk loadings on the fly, to manage peak renewal

Covers extensive E&O risk areas across LOCs

Recognises new documents and auto learns new scenarios

Automated Solution built on sophisticated AI/ML models

Cognitive Science to manage complex and vast scenarios

Shorter Process, Significant Outcome

1. Sign Up

Sign up with registered email id and password

2. Upload

Drag 'n' Drop feature to upload documents

Can upload auto renewal documents (Current term and Prior term)

3. Check

It only takes a few minutes

4. Checklist

Question wise output with accurancy

Overall accuracy rating

5. Download

Can be downloaded in excel format

Great Benefits, Outsmart Competition

Reduce Cost

Fast, Accurate, Secure And Scalable

Cut Down Recruitment, Training And Retention Costs

Be more visible

Improve Client Retention And Attract New Business


Policy checking on Exdion POD is as affordable as a pizza. Our pay-per-use model ensures convenience and flexibility in checking policy documents on the go. For customised packages, please get in touch with us