The world’s most comprehensive automated policy checking platform.

ExdionPOD smart AI powered automated policy checking offers breakthrough customer experience with no disruption to business, empower your agency with accuracy at a fraction of current cost.

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Great Accuracy

Realize high quality and reliable policy checking “process”​

Pricing flexibility

Pay-per Use or Turnkey Project with measurable savings

Delight Customers

Manage “moments of truth” and drive great customer experience.

Highly scalable

Quickly respond to demand changes with no additional cost or efforts

Quick Results

Realize benefits in a week, super quick ROI

Zero Change Management

Adopt without disrupting business and current workflows

Seamless Integration

Augment legacy systems, streamline information flows with ease

Strong compliance

Meet ISO 27001, PCI DSS and HIPPA standards

How It Works

Why Choose ExdionPOD?

Built to needs

  • A complete evaluation of all documents, carrier specifications, business regulations and other critical schedules.
    No manual errors.
  • Comprehensively built solely for the P&C Agency.
  • Checklist Coverage:
  • Clear & actionable Excel Checklist
  • Highlighted variances
  • Page Numbers
  • Work Flow: Simple and easy to use with no change to your workflow. Optional Agency Management System integration allows for direct tasking and a seamless experience.

built to scale

  • Optional Integration with major Agency Management Systems including Vertafore and Applied.
  • Readily works on any carrier document type.
  • Automatically learns new scenarios and always evolves through AI driven machine learning.
  • CSRs can now focus on business critical risk advisory and revenue improvement roles.
  • Agencies and Brokers are able to deliver best in class customer experience.
  • Variance checklist is generated post validation of over 300 touch points through 31 exhaustive questions.

What our clients Say

“Your product is the easiest and most reliable product we reviewed. We estimate the time savings on policy checking to be at least 50%.  ExdionPODs ability to check a renewal policy against the expiry date when the carried does not change is a very powerful feature.”

Asst. Vice President,
Director of Enterprise Operations

“Outside of the excitement we had around the efficiency and time savings of using Exdion for our policy checking, what we didn’t expect, but quickly realized, was the power of this change on the people side. There was a spark, a level of energy, and engagement our employees began demonstrating immediately, before it was even completely rolled out.”

Chief People Officer

“ExdionPOD automated very tedious time consuming and manual process policy checking with AI. This resulted in amazingly quick turn-around times, reduced costs and improved systematic efficiency. It has been a pleasure working with the Exdion team throughout every step of our partnership. We are extremely pleased and impressed with their responsiveness, attention to detail & passion for continuous improvement. Looking forward to a long-term partnership and can’t wait to see what innovations Exdion bring to the industry next! “

Sheri Weaver
Chief People Officer

Our Clients


Plans & Pricing

Pay Per UsePay based on Number of Policies checked
Monthly Subscription for minimum number of policiesBilled Monthly for the volume of policies checked .Pay for 10 months avail 12 months
Turn key Project with measurable savingsMulti-year contract, Policy checking completely managed by Exdion for a fraction of existing cost.
Pay per Policy
We bill you at the end of the month for the number of policies you check
We bill you at the end of the month for the number of policies you check
We bill you at the end of the month for the number of policies you check
Subscription Type
Pay as per policy
We bill you at the end of the month for the number of policies you check
Pay as per policy
You estimate monthly policy volume and we give you a monthly discounted flat fee
Pay Annually
You estimate your annual policy volume and we give you a discounted flat fee

Automate your policy checking today.


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