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“Outside of the excitement we had around the efficiency and time savings of using Exdion for our policy checking, what we didn’t expect, but quickly realized, was the power of this change on the people side. There was a spark, a level of energy, and engagement our employees began demonstrating immediately, before it was even completely rolled out. 

 They began sharing this new opportunity presented to them with others outside our company – “HNI is investing in AI, you won’t believe what it can do! We, HNI, are using cutting edge technology, in insurance of all places.” They were so excited to be using new technology in a way that they didn’t think was possible and from there, they began sharing additional thoughts on where they thought technology could enhance their ability to focus more of their day on value adds for our clients.
Most times when you make a change, it comes with a few grumblings and thoughts of defeat before it even gets off the ground. Our employees completely embraced it from the get-go and I believe it had a lot to do with Exdion’s teams flexibility. Don’t under estimate the people side of making changes that tend to only be looked at operationally! You might be missing out on an employee engagement opportunity”


Principal/Chief People Officer

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